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What to expect

Craft Conference is all about providing a creative place where you can learn about all the angles of software delivery craft. The word delivery is intentional, at the end of the day what really matters is not the code but the value we deliver to our customers.

We offer our community a holistic view as we believe that the different parts of product engineering are interconnected and all the aspects are important to deliver value. We need to understand what customers want, we need to have the capabilities to turn those needs into working functionalities effectively and efficiently, and we need systems that serve those values in a reliable, scalable, and secure way.

It is a fast-changing profession that requires you to continuously adapt to keep up your game with all of the news trends. At Craft, it is our goal to present to you recently emerging technologies, best practices, and advanced aspects to the commonly used technologies, language-agnostic methods that need to be in the toolbox of all professionals, and many different aspects needed to build an outstanding product engineering organization.

What makes Craft so special?

🎤With 3 keynote sessions, more than 60 talks, 6 hands-on tutorials, and 10 workshops, our speakers, who are experts in their area, share their knowledge about all the various aspects of software development.

🔊We invite more than 80 world-class practitioners from leading companies like Google, Microsoft, eBay, Airbnb, Slack, etc. who share all their real experiences and learnings.

🤩We are always told that Craft has a special vibe. Imagine that you can engage with and be inspired by 2000+ like-minded professionals during the 4 days of the conference.

🎪We provide special events to our audience like the Meetup Evenings and the Conference Party where you can network with people coming from 50+ countries all over the world.

🎥We provide most of the talks and their materials to you after the conference.

📍You can enjoy the wonderful city of Budapest for 4 days, where the event is taking place. And you will see the coolest conference venue ever: a railway museum. :)