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Nick Tune


with Nick Tune

Randy Shoup

Software Delivery at Scale

with Randy Shoup

As the research in Accelerate and the State of DevOps Reports shows, high-performing organizations deliver software to customers more rapidly, more repeatably, and more reliably. This leads to higher quality software and better business results. All this requires an ongoing investment in continually improving the product development process. And as organizations scale, the more investment it requires.

Based on the speaker's experiences leading high-performing organizations at Google and eBay, this session shares several important lessons on improving software delivery. We will discuss development practices that create smaller units of work, which are easier to validate, test, roll out, and roll back. We will discuss modern techniques like continuous integration, automated testing, and automated canary deployment. Finally, we will discuss the culture and behaviors that make these techniques work effectively.

You will leave with specific suggestions that you can apply in your own organizations

Emily Bache


with Emily Bache

Viktor Farcic

Cloud Native

with Viktor Farcic

Debbie O'Brien

Way to improve performance in static web applications

with Debbie O'Brien

David Leitner

Micro Frontends - the Past, the Present and the Future

with David Leitner