Ricky Hopper

Product Engineering Lead at Formlabs


Managing Technical Risk to Help Anyone Make Anything

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When you’re working on a complex application, you’re likely to face vastly different technical challenges depending on where in the codebase you work. From algorithm development to user interfaces, there are a wide range of risks and considerations for any development project you start. Join Ricky Hopper from Formlabs to hear stories about the software powering the world’s best 3D printers, and how choosing the right strategy can make all the difference in a successful development project.
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Ricky Hopper leads the team building PreForm, the software that makes Formlabs’ 3D printers approachable to anyone. Over his career as a software developer, UX designer, and product manager (depending on the day), Ricky works to bring out the creativity of the teams he works with and help different disciplines understand each other. He is most excited about software that interacts with hardware products, and building interfaces that make emerging technology more accessible. In his spare time, he loves playing / building musical instruments, climbing, and spending time outdoors.