Rebecca Allen

Software Engineer at LiveEO


Making big changes feel small: technical evolution within an organisation
engineering management
change management

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In the evolution from scrappy start-up to mature company, internal disruption is inevitable, both in an organisational sense, but also on a technical level. From compliance and security, to coping with an exponentially growing development team; there are many factors that make the evolution of a company’s technical infrastructure absolutely crucial. Despite this, these changes can often leave devs feeling they are becoming bogged down with procedure and less able to get stuff done. In this talk we will use the lens of permissions management, SOC compliance and migration to an SSO solution to look how you can minimise disruption and get people on board when change happens.


Rebecca Allen is a software engineer based in Berlin, though that wasn't always the case... despite studying physics and interning in software development, she accidentally became a management consultant on graduation and spent quite a few years doing Business Things. She is very happy to now be on a technical track though and has been pleasantly surprised by the number of useful skills her previous career has given her. In her free time Rebecca practices improv theatre, sings and runs too many D&D campaigns.