Máté Koch

Technical Innovation and Products Lead at CAE


Synthetic environment, the Internet of the next decade
synthetic environment
digital twin
innovation challenge

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Innovation is difficult enough in the commercial world, as we know well from many stories of former giant corporations  who dominated their markets but failing to recognise change, ceased to exist. The speaker of this talk comes from a highly specialised, and regulated segment of industry: civil and military aviation and simulation. If innovation is challenging with millions of customers and virtually complete freedom in experimentation, imagine having only a handful of customers, public procurement processes and strict regulations imposed by the international flight safety authorities.

This talk intends to show an example how innovation can still cherish in such restricted environment, explain what technological and business considerations need to be applied. AI driven virtual instructor pilots and AR sand tables will be discussed briefly, before reaching the main topic: what will be the role of Metaverse in tomorrow’s professional simulation industry?


Máté Koch is Technical Innovations and Products lead in CAE’s European regional engineering team. His vision is to steer a 75-years old tech corporation operating mainly in the B2B and B2G domain towards innovation and digitalisation. At the start of his career, he worked in the CAE’s Budapest office, team of 10 at the time, and he took part in the organisational evolution, ramping up the team and building strong ties with other international offices of CAE over the past 14 years. The challenge of innovation is even greater when operating in a highly restricted market, like aviation or defence and security. Máté’s vision is an ambidextrous organisation that is capable of building innovative new offerings while maintaining the well polished processes for the traditional business.