Lukas Westermann

Product Manager (SaaS) at Nevis


Journey to passwordless

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Everybody is talking about passwordless authentication, but what qualifies as passwordless exactly? We will show you different types of passwordless authentication technologies like FIDO UAF and FIDO2/WebAuthn. And we'll show you different implementations using the browser with platform authenticators, security keys like the Yubikey and native authenticator applications. But not everything is rainbows and unicorns in passwordless land. We will also walk you through typical adoption challenges like recovery methods, incompatible platforms and more.


Lukas leads the SaaS product teams at Nevis. His vision is to make authentication and identity effortless for everyone.

He started his career in software development slightly after the burst of the dot-com bubble. Before joining Nevis five years ago to build security products, he built software for banks, insurances and the government - and grew the engineering team at a startup.