Ivett Ördög

Engineering Manager, Engineering Coach at Contentful & Lean Poker


How to sell a big refactor or rewrite to the business?
Clean Code

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Code quality should be improved incrementally, or at least that is what most agile practitioners seem to preach. Yet from time to time teams will argue that it is necessary to do some sort of make over, that the code is too convoluted to be incrementally fixed. So is there a situation where that actually makes sense? Is this dogma that we have been following without examining nuance, or we really should never ever venture into such projects?


Ivett Ördög is the founder and facilitator of Lean Poker events. She is also an Engineering Manager at Contentful, and she has been a frequent speaker at software conferences around Europe. Her passion for short feedback loops drove her to create Lean Poker, a workshop where developers have the opportunity to experiment with continuous delivery in a safe environment. Ivett is the creator and host of the Cup of Code YouTube channel inspiring the next generation of developers to broaden their knowledge.