Hubert Ströbitzer

Kubernetes Trainer at Kubermatic


Lines of Defence – Securing Your Kubernetes Clusters

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As we migrate more and more workloads into our Kubernetes clusters we ask ourselves: How can we make our clusters safe from vicious attacks?

In this talk, Hubert will present tools which make it harder for attackers to do bad things on your clusters. Topics covered will include scanning of Images and Manifests, building gates before applications get deployed, sandboxing applications and Threat Detection.

You will learn how to ensure that you are in control of what is running in your clusters.

Of course, via live demos.


Hubert is a Kubernetes Consultant at Kubermatic, helping organizations succeed in their cloud native journey.

Prior to this, Hubert was a Software Engineer focusing on backend topics in various programming languages around the JVM. Then, the DevOps movement raised serious doubts about his work. After isolating in the Austrian Alps, fighting against wolves and dragons, he put his focus on Ops matters.

Hubert organizes the "Infrastructure as a Meetup" meetup in Austria. Hubert is a Linux Foundation trainer for CKA and CKAD and contributed to the CKA exam questions.