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Gáspár Nagy

SpecFlow/BDD coach, trainer, test automation expert at Spec Solutions


RAMP up your testing solution: test automation patterns
test automation
design patterns

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In order to be able to meet the quality requirements of today's applications, the expected level of automation is massively increasing year by year. Everyone is automating. But while we are the pioneers of using test automation on such a large scale today, it might make sense to think about tomorrow, when we have to keep the test infrastructure running for many years more. It is easy to get to a quick win, but we need better architectural solutions and patterns to preserve the benefits of the success. A good test infrastructure should aim for Reusability, Abstraction, Maintainability and Performance (RAMP).

In this talk I will show why these patterns and generally pattern-based thinking is useful for test automation for better maintainability, flexibility and collaboration between the different roles. With Seb Rose we work on the next book in our BDD Boos series, that focuses on test automation patterns that work well with BDD. In the presentation I also show a few examples from the book to illustrate how an automation pattern might look like and how it can be documented.


Gáspár Nagy is the creator of SpecFlow, regular conference speaker, blogger (, editor of the BDD Addict monthly newsletter (, and co-author of the books "Discovery: Explore behaviour using examples" and "Formulation: Document examples with Given/When/Then" (

Gáspár is an independent coach, trainer and test automation expert focusing on helping teams implementing BDD and SpecFlow. He has more than 20 years of experience in enterprise software development as he worked as an architect and agile developer coach.