Drishti Jain

President and Co-founder at Samyak Drishti Foundation


When life gives you Orange, make data speak volumes!

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Have you ever thought of using data visualization to represent data; but feel that it is a cumbersome process? Worry not – Orange is here to the rescue!

Come, dive into the world of this magical open source data mining tool that can also be used as a Python library.

Beginner friendly!


Drishti is a Computer Engineer and a technology enthusiast. She loves to use technology to help the less fortunate. She believes in democratizing opportunities and brings knowledge of the latest developments in the fast-moving field of technology to deserving students, and keep them up to date and well-equipped for their respective professional careers.

She has spoken at conferences across the globe and is also a social entrepreneur. Her non-profit organisation - Samyak Drishti Foundation works in environment, education and healthcare sectors and operates in a number of cities across India.

In her spare time, she likes to paint nature, explore new places and anchor live shows