Douglas Creager

Staff Engineering Manager at GitHub


A whirlwind tour of my favorite programming languages, and three others
programming languages

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As a programmer, you probably have a favorite programming language — the one that you’re most familiar with, that you “think natively” in when coding. If you’re lucky enough to use that language at $DAY_JOB, you might not have had the time or inclination to explore other languages. But doing so can be illuminating! In this talk, we’ll dive into several different languages, exploring how they promote different ways of thinking about and solving problems. Even if you don’t end up using those other languages in anger, learning how they work can make you a better programmer in your “native tongue”.


Douglas Creager is a staff engineering manager at GitHub. He manages the Semantic Code team, which applies academic programming language theory to analyze all of the code hosted on GitHub. Our goal is to make it easier for developers and maintainers to understand what their code does, and how other developers use it.