Dmitry Razorionov

VP, Technology Solutions & Delivery Management at EPAM


Skills – How AI/ML shapes EPAM into the Adaptive Enterprise
delivery management

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In our session, we will speak about how EPAM has designed and initiated Skills platform creation, including some insights of how data is structured, how it works with ML components to convert CV or any Text into skills cloud, how it then works in staffing, people and delivery systems.

We will also speak about impact of Skills graph into new thinking of EPAM data model and data flows giving speak peek into knowledge domain model and roadmap of new objects and relations that will start appearing in EPAM as key enabler to move data-driven decisions from buzzword state to something more practical.


Technology Solutions & Delivery Management consultant with proven track record in advisory and transformation of enterprise operation models and delivery. Owner of productivity monitoring & skill-to-productivity technology platforms supporting enterprise companies IT Ops and Talent Management capabilities via AI assistant for optimizing teams’ outputs and provide actionable insights to leadership to boost efficiency across all company.

Passionate technology, UX and IoT geek: software engineering background, retaining architecture skills.