Daniel Raniz Raneland

Software Engineering Consultant at Factor 10


Thawing Java on AWS Lambda: Reducing Cold Start Times From Eleven Seconds to One

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Java has never been a perfect fit for Function as a Service platforms such as AWS Lambda or Azure Functions. While both platforms have official support for Java, Java functions unfortunately suffer from significantly longer cold start times than many other runtimes.

In this talk I will show a simple Spring Cloud Java function running on AWS Lambda with fairly horrible cold start times of around 11 seconds and then show how we can fix this by replacing Spring Cloud with Micronaut and use GraalVM Native Image to perform most of the work during compile time. The end result is cold start times of less than a second, making Java a viable, though not without drawbacks, choice for FaaS platforms that support custom runtimes.

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Raniz is a software consultant at Factor 10 since September '21 and has been working with software for more than 15 years. Java has been prominent throughout all those years and he has a deep understanding of Spring Boot, Jackson and writing microservices in Java. He has worked with Amazon Web Services since 2008 and has extensive experience in deploying and operating microservices there.

On his spare time he enjoys triathlons, brewing beer and spending time with his family.