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Starting Apache APISIX on the right foot
API Management
API Gateway

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It has been said that data are the new oil. The de facto standard is HTTP APIs to connect oil pipelines between heterogeneous systems, whether plain, RESTful, or REST. But no company just exposes their information system to the outside.

You need a central unified entry-point to handle cross-cutting concerns: classic ones like authentication and IP blacklisting and API-related ones like rate limiting and canary release.

In this workshop, we will use Apache APISIX on Docker to show a couple of nifty features that can help your information system cope with the challenges introduced by APIs.

  • Routing your calls to the correct upstream

  • Available abstractions: Route, Upstream, Service

  • The Apache APISIX dashboard

  • Configuring APISIX with the dashboard

  • Configuring APISIX with the command-line

  • Monitoring APISIX

  • Low-code Plugin Orchestration

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Bobur is a Developer Advocate for an Open-source project Apache APISIX, has been working as a Software Engineering Trainer for about 2 years. Also, highly skilled in developing, testing, and designing software, knowledgeable of back-end development and the best practices by having more than 8 years of experience as a Software Engineer. Bobur likes teaching as learning new things who is a Java developer originally and can write code in any programming language. Nowadays, interesting focus areas are Cloud-Native API Gateways, Kubernetes, and some cloud serverless services such as Azure Functions, AWS Lambda.