Anna MorĂ³

Release Train Engineer at Continental


Agile Software Development in Automated Driving
Software Architecture
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Can agile work at the field of Advanced Driver Assistance software development? At Continental we think it can. What are the pitfalls, what are the challenges of this very specific domain? How to organize a team of hundred developers to work on the same software in an agile way? How to ensure that the software at the end complies with all the automotive standards and process requirements? How to do architecture work in a changing environment? How to involve teams into the architecture work? Join our talk and get answers from the speakers who have hands-on experience!


Anna is a Release Train Engineer at Continental who has spent the last 8 years working in the automotive SW industry. She has a passion for keeping things on their track: whether it is just a meeting, a developer's state of flow or the process of an organizational change. Anna believes in the power of autonomous teams and strives to create an environment where the development team can perform at their best.