Anjali Leon

Agility Coach, Educator and Consultant at PPL Coach


Delivery through Retrospection for Improvement
continuous improvement
applied learning

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Get uncomfortable at an interactive applied learning experience that exposes cooperatively hacking delivery through retrospection with the game Hanabi. The learning is endless! Come and expose the secrets to delivery and have endless learning revealed in this rollercoaster of a session that could have you nodding, clenching your fist, or shouting.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Seeing waste and understanding flow

  • Inspecting and adapting for improvement

  • Exposing silent information

  • Learning to cooperate collaboratively

  • And more . . .


Anjali draws on over two decades of experience and leadership to design and deliver outstanding programs that educate, inform, and inspire people to do their best work in a world of increasing complexity and change. Anjali's coaching, training and consulting practice specializes in using Design Thinking, and Lean and Agile principles and practices that ignite curiosity, create connection, facilitate collaboration, leverage wisdom networks and embrace 'eco-vitalized being’. She engages individuals and organizations in creating valuable, innovative, and purposeful outcomes for all their stakeholders with a win-6 attitude.
Her strength and success as an Agile Leader and Catalyst for Change began with a strong technical foundation in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Summa Cum Laude, Drexel University). Since then, her passion and curiosity about people, processes, and organizations have grown and expanded broadly through extensive product and project management roles, training, certifications, and diverse coaching and consulting experiences.
Anjali plays an active role in the Agile Community—regularly serving in leadership roles at Agile events. She is an international speaker and is the proud founder of Empowering South Florida Women in Agile group, Advisory board member of among many other community initiatives.

Her mission - AWAKENING NEW POSSIBILITIES … by asking better questions that connect people to people, planet, and purpose.