Nickolas Means

VP of Engineering at Sym


Taking the 737 to the MAX!

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Ten years ago, Boeing faced a dilemma. Because of its fuel efficiency, the Airbus A320neo was racking up orders faster than any aircraft in history, and Boeing needed to find a way to compete.

The 737 MAX entered service seven years later, quickly leading to two deadly crashes. Let’s use the power of systems thinking to dig into how things could’ve gone so wrong (and learn to better see and understand the systems we interact with every day).


Nickolas Means loves nothing more than a story of engineering triumph (except maybe a story of engineering disaster). When he's not stuck in a Wikipedia loop reading about plane crashes, he leads the engineering team at Sym, helping create the building blocks engineering teams need to build delightful security and compliance workflows. He works remotely from Austin, TX, and spends his spare time hanging out with his wife and kids, going for runs, and trying to brew the perfect cup of coffee.