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John A. De Goes

CEO at Ziverge


Building Bulletproof Concurrent Applications on the JVM

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The Java Virtual Machine aimed to revolutionize concurrent software development, with built in language-level support for concurrency and a robust threading model. Over the years, however, the JVM's concurrency has proven to be low-level, error-prone, inefficient (based on heavyweight OS-level threads), and extremely complex.

In this presentation, John A. De Goes, CEO of Ziverge and major open source contributor, will argue that the JVM is at the forefront of innovation for building rock-solid concurrent applications. Thanks to next-generation effect systems like ZIO, and JVM-level initiatives like Loom, the JVM is shaping up to be one of the most powerful platforms for building modern applications.

Come discover how the JVM can improve the way you build bulletproof concurrent applications!