Adam Tornhill

Founder and CTO at Empear

Adrian Cockcroft

Technology Fellow at Battery Ventures

Adrian Mouat

Chief Scientist at Container Solutions

Ágnes Vásárhelyi

Developer Advocate at Bitrise

Amber Case

Amir Chaudhry

Unikernels at Docker

Andrew Clay Shafer

Senior Director of Technology at Pivotal

Bart De Smet

Principal Software Development Engineer at Microsoft

Boaz Avital

Staff Software Engineer at Twitter

Bodil Stokke

Web Dev Lead at Trading Technologies

Bora Tunca

Software Developer at SoundCloud

Bridget Kromhout

Principal Technologist at Pivotal

Caitie McCaffrey

Tech Lead / Senior Software Engineer at Twitter

Charity Majors

Engineer / Co-Founder at startup

Corey Haines

Co-founder/CTO at Hearken

Dan North

Principal at Dan North & Associates

Daniel Bryant

Chief Scientist at OpenCredo

Danilo Beuche

CEO pure-systems GmbH

Danilo Poccia

Technical Evangelist at AWS

Destiny Montague

Security Engineer at Etsy

Diogo Monica

Security Lead at Docker

Doc Norton

Organizational and Leadership coach

Emily Bache

Senior Software Developer at Pagero

Francesc Campoy

Developer Advocate at Google

Gareth Rushgrove

Senior Software Engineer at Puppet Labs

Hadi Hariri

VP of Developer Advocacy at JetBrains

Ines Sombra

Engineer at Fastly

James Turnbull

CTO at Kickstarter

Jeff Gothelf

Author, Speaker, Organizational Designer

Jeremy Keith

Founder & Web Stuff Do-er at Clearleft

Jérôme Petazzoni

Docker Tinkerer Extraordinaire at Docker

Jessica Kerr

Engineer at Stripe

Jessie Frazelle

Software Engineer at Docker

Jez Humble

Deputy Director of Delivery Arch. and Infra. Services at 18F

John Allspaw

Chief Technology Officer at Etsy

Joseph Pelrine

C*O at MetaProg GmbH

Josh Long

Spring Developer Advocate at Pivotal

Kate Heddleston

Founder/CEO at Opsolutely

Kelsey Hightower

Staff Developer Advocate at Google Cloud Platform

Kirk Pepperdine

CTO at JClarity, Principal Consultant

Kris Kowal

Software Engineer at Uber

Kyle Kingsbury

Engineer at Stripe

Mark Burgess

Emeritus Professor, Entrepreneur, Author

Jonathan Klein

Director of Engineering at Attend

Martin Fowler

Author, Speaker, Chief Scientist at ThoughtWorks

Erik Dörnenburg

Head of Technology ThoughtWorks Europe

Marty Cagan

Partner at Silicon Valley Product Group

Mary Poppendieck

Owner at Poppendieck.LLC

Matt Ranney

Senior Staff Engineer at Uber

Michael Feathers

Director at R7K Research & Conveyance

Mitchell Hashimoto

Founder and CEO of HashiCorp

Neha Narula

PhD Candidate at MIT in Distributed Systems

Patrick Debois

Senior JAVA/Unix Web consultant/architect/project manager

Rachel Davies

Team Lead at Unruly

Raffi Krikorian

Engineering Lead at Uber's Advanced Technologies Center

Rich Smith

Director of Security Engineering at Etsy

Sam Newman

Developer at Thoughtworks

Sandi Metz

Programmer, author, teacher, consultant

Sandro Mancuso

Software Craftsman / Managing Director at Codurance

Seth Vargo

Director of Evangelism at HashiCorp

Steve Freeman

Distinguished Consultant at Zuhlke Engineering

Todd Montgomery

Independent Software Developer and Consultant

Tony Brill

Vice President of Software Development at Square 1

Trisha Gee

Developer Advocate at JetBrains

Venkat Subramaniam

Founder of Agile Developer Inc.

Yao Yue

Engineer at Twitter

Hilverd Reker

Developer at Springer Nature

António Monteiro

Distributed Systems Engineering MSc Student at TU Dresden

Jarosław Pałka

Code mangler at Allegro Group

Dave Zwieback

Author of "Beyond Blame"​, Head of Engineering at Pandora

Llewellyn Falco

Founder & Consultant at Spun Laboratories

Rafael Ördög

Lead Software Developer at Emarsys

Raoul-Gabriel Urma

Co-founder, CEO at Cambridge Coding Academy

David Evans

Partner at Neuri Consulting

Tim Steigert

Leading Digital & Innovation Strategy at GE Europe


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