Hodicska Gergely

program chair, chief organizer

Medea Baccifava

event organizer lead

Attila Balogi

event organizer

Ádám Boros

event organizer

Katalin Marosvölgyi

travel and accommodation manager

Bernadett Otterbein

sponsor relationships

Miklós Aurél Rónai

meetup organiser

Judit Radnai-Toth

diversity scholarship manager

Máté Nádasdi

website development

Balázs Francsics

website development

Csaba Sipos

website UX

Mariusz Mickiewicz

website design

David Horvath

Craft mentor management

Contact us if you have a question at

We are offerring child care for attendees coming with their kids to the conference.
Please let us know in advance if you would bring your kid.

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