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On May 8-9 we organise Meetup Evenings as warmup events for Craft. There will be several meetups in Budapest, you can find the list and the speakers of them below. The meetups are free to visit by anybody, so even those people can meet the Craft speakers who cannot attend the conference for any reason. Most of the cases there will be 2 talks on the meetups. The gates usually open at 5:30PM and the talks will start from 6:00PM, but the timing can vary among the meetups, so please check the description of the selected meetups. In most of the cases the venues will provide some food and drinks after the talks. You can find the location of the interested meetup by clicking its title.

To have some networking and relaxation after the fantastic meetups an afterparty will be organized at Krampuz (pancakes), IGEN (pizza) and Léhűtő (craft beers) on Wednesday (May 9) between 7pm and 11pm. The attendees of the different meetups will get coupons (with all the information) that can be redeemed at these places. Ask your meetup organizer for your coupons. ;)

See you there :)

palinQA - Bp QA

2016-04-25 at GE Healthcare

Llewellyn Falco

Mob Exploratory Testing Workshop


2016-04-26 at EPAM

Philipp Krenn

Se7en deadly sins of deployments

Viktor Farcic

Scaling To Infinity: The Quest For Fully Automated, Scalable, Self-Healing System With Zero-Downtime


2016-04-26 at Ericsson

Gábor Horváth & György Orbán

CodeChecker: Static Analysis of C++ programs

Cloud Budapest

2016-04-26 at LogMeIn

Christian Deger

Highway to heaven - Microservices in the cloud

Greg Poirier

Not Everyone Can Be Kelsey Hightower

Budapest Agile

2016-04-26 at Mosaik

Peter Van de Voorde

Stop Doing Scrum; Start Doing Agile

Doc Norton

Agile Metrics - Velocity is NOT the Goal


2016-04-27 at Emarsys

Houssam Fakih

My team, Me and the full-time pair-programming

Adam Tornhill

Software design, team work and other man-made disasters

Budapest Big Data

2016-04-27 at EPAM

Steve Freeman

Rediscovering the command line, or Your Data isn’t that Big

Matt Ranney

Database Disasters

Docker Budapest

2016-04-27 at Ericsson

Jérôme Petazzoni

Keeping up with the Docker Platform

Adrian Mouat

Using Docker Safely

Full Stack Budapest

2016-04-27 at H13

Nick Tune

Delivering Valuable Software By Developing Shared Understanding

Andrey Adamovich

Visualizing codebases

FP Budapest

2016-04-27 at MSCI

Andrea Magnorsky

Computation Expressions in context

Michael Feathers

Why Types Aren't Very Important

UX Budapest

2016-04-27 at Prezi House of Ideas

Joseph Pelrine

The 5-channel interviewing model


2016-04-27 at SAP

Lauri Apple

What Does Diversity in Tech Really Mean, Anyway?

Dan North

Making a sandwich: techniques for effective feedback

Go Budapest

2016-04-27 at Secret Sauce Partners

Mitchell Hashimoto

Advanced Testing with Go

Peter Bourgon

Go kit: Go in the modern enterprise