Tony Brill

Vice President of Software Development at Square 1 at Square 1 Bank


An introduction to the GROWS Method
Thursday 17:05 - 17:50
GROWS Method
Right Thing
Right Way
Right Rhythm

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What is it?

The Grows Method is an evolution of agile principles and builds upon our experience and empirical learning over the last decade. Some of the key findings include:

  • Principles are more important than practices, but both are needed
  • Beginners need steps / We need the Dryfus Model of skills acquisition
  • Managers need to focus on connecting teams to the mission, not just what needs done, but why
  • We need tracer bullets, a simple complete architectural path through our system to use as a template for success
  • Different teams are at different levels and need a structure and understanding of where they are so they can GROW

Why you should care?

This discussion helps practitioners and leaders take ownership for the success of their areas by applying adaptations that will help ensure that success. You will be introduced to how GROWS focuses on ownership, goals, and a principle driven framework while de-emphasizing ingrained practices.


Tony has a long history of leading software teams. As a coach, he focuses on leadership, turning around under-performing teams, implementing sound technical practices and aligning teams to business objectives. He's held senior leadership roles in the Aerospace and Finance industry and has developed a number of games to help teams move from awareness of a principle to actually starting to believe in it.

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