Patrick Debois

Senior JAVA/Unix Web consultant/architect/project manager at Small Town Heroes


Mobile Delivery with a Devops Mindset
Thursday 12:00 - 12:45
Continuous delivery

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In the mobile world, continuous delivery is rare. A lot has to do with the emerging/changing toolset in the mobile world.

In this presentation, I want to give:

  • An overview of the current available toolset to automate almost everything in the delivery process
  • How to get valuable feedback from production back to the developers
  • How this relates to DevOps and a better feedback cycle

Level: Basic knowledge of a continuous delivery pipeline and monitor are welcome. We will use a real-world application delivery, so participants at least learn about the challenges/conceptual solutions even if they don't understand all the technology.

Background: While I was experienced in web operations/delivery, I learned that mobile delivery has its own subset of problems. The concepts of continuous delivery are the same, but the tooling is quite different. Finding these tools is even harder. The tools discussed will be mostly open source or freely available services, and are focused around both iOS and Android development. The talk will be based on our experiences with TV show apps, including a quiz show that is currently in production with over a few million games played and over 100K users. We’ve had our share of support to make this smooth, so we will explain the life of the app after it gets published in the app store.


In order to understand current IT organizations, Patrick Debois has made a habit of changing both his consultancy role and the domain that he works in: sometimes as a developer, manager, sysadmin, or tester, and even as the customer. If there is one thing that annoys him, it is the great divide between all these groups. Patrick first presented concepts on Agile infrastructure at Agile 2008 in Toronto, and in 2009 he organized the first devopsdays. Since then he has been promoting the notion of DevOps to exchange ideas between these groups, and show how they can help each other to achieve better results in business.

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