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Neha Narula

PhD Candidate at MIT in Distributed Systems at MIT


The End of Data Silos: Interoperability through Cryptocurrency
Thursday 16:10 - 16:55

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We're stuck in a world of data silos; my photos are spread across dozens of apps and most services try to capture my data instead of working together. Bitcoin and the blockchain's novel form of consensus might inspire us to think about new ways of running databases in a more decentralized manner. With these systems, we're pushed to think about issues like interoperability, transparency, and open access when we start to design our applications, making it easier to work on data across trust domains.


Neha is a fifth year PhD student in PDOS, the Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems group at MIT, advised by Robert Morris. Here she has worked on W5, BFlow, a privacy-preserving browser system, WARP, and Dixie. Neha's research interests are in protecting user data and scalable storage systems for web applications.

Neha has worked for Google as a Software Engineer on Native Client, Blobstore, a system for efficiently storing and serving terabytes of large binary objects, and Froogle.