Mark Burgess

Emeritus Professor, Entrepreneur, Author at Global Advisor on Information Infrastructure


How do we know IT systems are working well?
Thursday 12:00 - 12:45
Promise theory
Fault tolerance
Knowledge management

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In this talk, I will try to break down the learnings of 20 years of research, in IT operations, into a practical checklist of questions, under the umbrella of: can we promise a business or organization that its IT systems and services are working according to plan? The talk will touch on subjects like monitoring, policy, configuration, dependencies, scalability, and knowledge management.


Mark Burgess is a theoretician and practitioner in the area of information systems, whose work has focused largely on distributed information infrastructure. He is known particularly for his work on Configuration Management and Promise Theory. He was the principal Founder of CFEngine, and is emeritus professor of Network and System Administration from Oslo University College. He is the author of numerous books, articles, and papers on topics from physics, Network and System Administration, to fiction. He also writes a blog on issues of science and IT industry concerns.

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