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Monitoring As A Service - Modernity and Self-Service
Friday 12:00 - 12:45

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Building a modern monitoring environment is more than just using the latest awesome tools, collecting all the data, displaying numerous graphs, and knowing when things go wrong. A modern monitoring environment is more than tools and infrastructure. It’s a service. A service you provide to your whole team: developers, operations, security, and the business.

This talk is about how you can build monitoring environments (or extend your existing environment) that are customer-focused rather than infrastructure focused. You’ll see how you can treat your needs and the needs of your organization as customer requirements, and build monitoring that is consumable and configurable on demand.

We’ll focus on:

  • You are not the only customer of your monitoring
  • What does monitoring as a service look like?
  • How do we move to a customer-driven service?
  • How does this change how your monitoring environment operates?

By the end of the talk you should be able to understand what you need in order to make monitoring available as a service to anyone in your organization.


James Turnbull is the author of seven technical books about open source software and is a long-time member of the open source community. James authored The Logstash Book and The Docker Book. He also wrote two books about Puppet (Pro Puppet and the earlier book about Puppet as well as Pro Linux System Administration, Pro Nagios 2.0, and Hardening Linux. For a real job, James is CTO at Kickstarter and an advisor at Docker. He likes food, wine, books, photography, and cats. He is not overly keen on long walks on the beach and holding hands.

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