Gareth Rushgrove

Senior Software Engineer at Puppet Labs at Puppet Labs


The Challenges of Container Configuration
Friday 16:10 - 16:55

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Introducing containers into your infrastructure brings new capabilities, but also new challenges, in particular around configuration. This talk will take a look under the hood at some of those operational challenges including:

  • The difference between runtime and build-time configuration, and the importance of relating the two together
  • Configuration drift, immutable mental models and mutable container file systems
  • Who configures the orchestrators?
  • Emergent vs model driven configuration

In the process we will identify some common problems and talk about potential solutions. And we’ll show some demos along the way too. After the talk you should:
  • Appreciate what configuration really is
  • Have a clearer idea of what needs configuring when it comes to containers
  • Want to run off to check your containers are correctly configured


Gareth Rushgrove is a senior software engineer at Puppet Labs. He works remotely from Cambridge, UK, building interesting tools for people to better manage infrastructure. Previously he worked for the UK Government Digital Service focused on infrastructure, operations and information security. When not working he can be found writing the Devops Weekly newsletter or hacking on software in new-fangled programming languages.

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