Danilo Beuche

CEO pure-systems GmbH at pure-systems


Versions, Variants, Reuse - Get me out of here!
Thursday 15:00 - 15:45
Product Lines
Development Process
Variant management

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Development is a race with limited sight. Using existing artifacts can give you a strong boost in that race, but often reuse turns against you later in that race. New versions of reused artifacts, support for older release of your product out in the field, different ideas by different clients how the products have to be tailored for them, it can become messy and in the end a lot of work which finally slows you down too much. So reuse isn't that great, is it?

The talk will give you some insights how to reuse in systematic ways by looking at it from a different perspective. Instead of creating reusable artifacts for later reuse it turns it around and looks at it from the product perspective: features define parts, not the other way around. Deploying systematic reuse and variant management based on the principles of product line engineering will come to help you securing your lead in the (long distance) development race. We'll also cover the important question, when variant management and product line engineering should be the preferred choice for your reuse problem.


Consultant with experience in development of complex (embedded) systems, object-oriented development, change and requirements management. Main focus is support of product line engineering activities. Specialties: software product line engineering, variant management.

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