Corey Haines

Co-founder/CTO at Hearken at Hearken


All you need is a lambda (hands-on session)
Friday 16:10 - 17:50
Functional programming

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So, you've heard people proclaim \"All you need is a lambda, and you can make all the other stuff\" or \"everything is a function.\" But what does that really mean? In this live-coding talk, we'll explore these ideas by starting with the identity (a function that returns its argument with no change) and make our way to explore what is possible, making our way through lists and numbers. We might even mention in passing some things like the K combinator. Of course, we'll do this all using a test-driven development approach. This whirlwind talk is entirely live-coded, but don't worry, I'll make sure the font is big enough to see from the back.

Hands-on session talk: 90 minutes long, code heavy, practical session


Corey loves to code. He also loves to speak. This is an opportunity to mix these two passions. Best known for his journeyman tour and co-founding the coderetreat community, Corey continues to help developers discover ways to continue on the path of awesome development. Lately, he has been focused on effective, maintainable design through a better understanding of the fundamentals of writing code. He is the author of the book, Understanding the 4 Rules of Simple Design, and an upcoming book on The Lambda Calculus.

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