Bora Tunca

Software Developer at SoundCloud at SoundCloud


SoundCloud’s Toolbox for Microservices
Friday 16:10 - 16:55
Design patterns
Service level objectives

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At SoundCloud we managed to break away from the monolith while delivering key business features. Our journey towards a microservices architecture has not been a straightforward one. We experimented a lot to reach the set of tools and technologies that we use today. We changed how we build our applications. We introduced specific apis for our mobile and web clients. We call them BFFs (backend for the frontend). They became the central piece of SoundCloud’s architecture. We rethought how we monitor our services. We created a service registry for knowledge sharing. While making all these changes, we benefited from the learnings of our peer companies. This talk will share our learnings from this journey: what worked for us and what we moved away from.


Bora is a software developer at SoundCloud. He started his journey there two and a half years ago. As a generalist, he has worked on various parts of their architecture. Nowadays he is part of the Core Engineering, where he helps to build and integrate the core business services of SoundCloud. When he's not juggling various languages, he's playing basketball - as long as someone on the team covers his on-call shifts...

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