António Monteiro

Distributed Systems Engineering MSc Student at TU Dresden at TU Dresden


Clients in control: building demand-driven systems with Om Next
Friday 11:05 - 11:50
User Experience
Systems architecture & design
Data-driven design

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Traditional architectures are no longer suitable for the increasing needs of today's applications. The price is often paid in high bandwidth and reduced performance. Demand-driven design enables clients to request arbitrary data on demand. Companies like Facebook and Netflix have switched to demand-driven architectures to better embrace a great variety of continuously changing clients. Solutions like Relay and Falcor/JSONGraph distill such ideas. Om Next builds on these concepts to provide a Clojure(Script) based solution. Having clients be in control, we can design dynamic endpoints that run demand-driven queries directly.

In this talk, I present the motivation for a demand-driven approach and explore the solutions that Om Next brings to the table.


António is a software engineer currently studying Distributed Systems Engineering at TU Dresden, Germany. He’s fascinated by functional programming and Clojure in particular. He has lately been helping companies build new, demand-driven systems using Om Next.

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