Adam Tornhill

Founder and CTO at Empear at Empear

Adrian Colyer

Venture Partner at Accel Partners at Accel Partners

Adrian Mouat

Chief Scientist at Container Solutions at Container Solutions

Ákos Horváth

IncQuery Labs at IncQuery Labs

Aleksander Zubala

iOS Lead Software Developer at Applause at Applause

Anastasiia Voitova

Software engineer, iOS developer at Stanfy at Stanfy

Anjuan Simmons

Technical Program Manager at Questback at Questback

Ash Furrow

Software developer at Artsy at Artsy

Ashley McNamara

Principal Technologist at Rackspace

Ben Linders

Independent Consultant Agile, Lean, Quality & Continuous Improvement at Ben Linders

Benjamin Encz

iOS Lead Developer at PlanGrid at PlanGrid

Christopher Grayson

CEO of Web Sight.IO at Web Sight.IO

Christopher Meiklejohn

Ph.D. candidate at Université catholique de Louvain at Université catholique de Louvain

Claudio Ortolina

Head of Elixir at Erlang Solutions at Erlang Solutions

Cornelia Davis

Sr. Director of Technology at Pivotal at Pivotal

Damian Conway

Speaker, Author, Trainer, Adept at Thoughtstream Pty

Dan North

Principal at Dan North & Associates at Dan North & Associates

Daniel Bryant

Chief Scientist at OpenCredo at OpenCredo

Dániel Molnár

Head of Data and Insights at Door2Door at Door2Door

Daniel Stenberg

Senior Network Engineer at Mozilla at Mozilla

Danielle Tomlinson

Software Engineer at CircleCI at CircleCI

Danilo Poccia

Technical Evangelist at AWS at AWS

Dave Farley

Founder and Director of Continuous Delivery Ltd. at Continuous Delivery Ltd.

Diogo Monica

Security Lead at Docker at Docker

Dr. Tim Wagner

General Manager, AWS Serverless Compute at AWS

Elemér Lelik

Ericsson Hungary at Ericsson Hungary

Emanuil Slavov

Head of QA at Komfo at Komfo

Emily Webber

Agile coach and consultant at Tacit

Erika Carlson

Director of Apprenticeship & Training at Detroit Labs at Detroit Labs

Etienne Juliot

Obeo at Obeo

Felix Klock

Programming Language Implementor and Enthusiast at Mozilla

Felix Krause

Developer of at Google

Frank Wang

PhD student in computer security at MIT

Gergely Pintér

ThyysenKrupp Presta Hungary at ThyysenKrupp Presta Hungary

Geza Mihala

Software Artisan, Change Agent, Renaissance Man at @infinitary

Idit Levine

Office of the CTO & Cloud Native App at Cloud Foundry Foundation

István Ráth

IncQuery Labs at IncQuery Labs

Jasmine Zahno

Scrum Master / Agile Psychologist at MAKEITAGILE at MAKEITAGILE

Jason Hand

DevOps Evangelist & Incident & Alerting specialist at VictorOps

Jeff Gothelf

Author, Speaker, Organizational Designer at

John Smart

Mentor | Author | Speaker - Author of 'BDD in Action' at Wakaleo Consulting

Joseph Pelrine

C*O at MetaProg GmbH at MetaProg GmbH

Katherine Kirk

Agile/Lean Coach, Consultant and Researcher at Independent Consultant

Krzysztof Zabłocki

Lead iOS Developer at The New York Times at The New York Times

Liz Rice

Software, product, development, innovation, startups at Aqua Security, University of Cambridge

Llewellyn Falco

Founder & Consultant at Spun Laboratories at DevelopMentor, PluralSight

Lorna Mitchell

Developer Advocate for IBM Cloud Data Services at IBM

Maaret Pyhäjärvi

Lead Quality Engineer at F-Secure Corporation at F-Secure Corporation

Maciej Oczko

Head of Engineering at Polidea at Polidea

Martin Thompson

High-Performance & Low-Latency Computing Specialist at Real Logic

Máté Kovács

ThyssenKrupp Presta Hungary at ThyssenKrupp Presta Hungary

Melissa Perri

Product Management and UX Consultant, Lean and Agile Coach at Produx Labs

Michael Jenkins

Senior Systems Engineer at The Walt Disney Company at The Walt Disney Company

Michele Titolo

Lead Software Engineer at Capital One at Capital One

Mike Amundsen

Director of API Architecture, API Academy at CA Technologies

Nándor Krácser

Senior Infra Engineer at IBM Budapest Lab at IBM Budapest Lab

Nick Tune

Principal Engineer at Salesforce at Salesforce

Nicolas Fränkel

Software Architect at hybris software at hybris software

Orta Therox

Engineer at Artsy at Artsy

Patrick Kua

Principal Consultant and Tech Lead at ThoughtWorks at ThoughtWorks

Paweł Dudek

Software engineer @ Deckset, organizer @ Mobile Warsaw at Deckset

Peter Nemeth

Principal Engineer at Prezi at Prezi

Peter Steinberger

CEO and Founder at PSPDFKit at PSPDFKit

Phil Calçado

Director of Software Engineering at DigitalOcean at DigitalOcean

Ralph Müller

Eclipse Foundation at Eclipse Foundation

Randy Shoup

VP Engineering at Stitch Fix at Stitch Fix

Richard Kasperowski

Great Teams and Results | Core Protocols | Agile at With Great People, Harvard University

Rob Allen

Independent API consultant at Nineteen Feet

Sally Shepard

iOS developer, accessibility consultant, writer at mostgood

Sam Newman

Independent Technical Consultant at ThoughtWorks

Samuel Giddins

Developer @ Bundler and CocoaPods at UChicago

Simon Belak

Philosopher-hacker, Data science at GoOpti at GoOpti

Stéphane Bonnet

Steve Francia

Technical Program Manager on Go Language Team at Google

Steve Pole

Engineering Lead at TransferWise

Sylvain Corlay

Quantitative Researcher at QuantStack at QuantStack

Theo Schlossnagle

Founder and CEO at Circonus at Circonus

Tomáš Kukrál

Cloud surfer && storage nurse at Mirantis at Mirantis

Tudor Gîrba

CEO / Software environmentalist at at

Tyler McMullen

CTO at Fastly at Fastly

Uwe Friedrichsen

CTO at codecentric AG at codecentric AG

Valera Zakharov

Android engineer at Slack at Slack

Viktor Farčić

Senior Consultant at CloudBees at CloudBees

Vlad Mihalcea

Hibernate Developer Advocate at Red Hat at Red Hat

Woody Zuill

Independent Agile Coach and Trainer at Freelance Agile Guide and Coaching

Yaroslav Tkachenko

Senior Software Engineer, Lead at Mobify at Mobify

Yvette Pasqua

CTO of Meetup at Meetup