On April 25-26 we organise Meetup Evenings as warmup events for Craft. There will be several meetups in Budapest, you can find the list and the speakers of them below. The meetups are free to visit by anybody, so even those people can meet the Craft speakers who cannot attend the conference. Most of the cases there will be 2 talks on the meetups. The gates usually open at 5:30PM and the talks will start from 6:00PM, but the timing can vary among the meetups, so please check the description of the selected meetups. The venues provide some food and drinks after the talks. You can find the location of the interested meetup by clicking its title.

To have some networking and relaxation after the fantastic meetups an afterparty will be organized at Google Grund (1082 Budapest, Nagytemplom u. 30.) on Wednesday from 9PM. Every attendee will get two coupons at the meetups, which can be redeemed at the afterparty for a beer, wine or fröccs. Ask your meetup organizer for your coupons. ;)

See you there :)

Organizer Meetup

Yvette Pasqua

Talk tech and product with Yvette Pasqua, meetup.com's CTO

Budapest |> Elixir meetup

Claudio Ortolina

GenStage in the Kitchen

Dániel Vámosi

Visual Reasoning and Mental Maps in Elixir

Cloud Budapest

Danilo Poccia

Serverless for Developers

Philipp Krenn

360° monitoring of your microservices

StretchCon / Evo Vibration

Erika Carlson

Sunlight & Air: 10 Lessons for Growing Junior Developers

Richard Kasperowski

Building Great Teams: Culture and Core Protocols


Gábor Horváth

Beyond the Compiler: Advanced Tools for Better Productivity

Budpaest NOSQL / Budapest Big Data

Danilo Poccia

Amazon Athena, a Serverless Interactive Query Service

Philipp Krenn

Elasticsearch (R)evolution — You Know, for Search

Budapest Agile

Nick Tune

A Software Developer's Guide To Business Models

Tudor Girba

Solving real problems without reading code

Budapest Data Science

Simon Belak

Doing data science with Clojure

Zoltán Szőke, László Anka

Application of Artificial Intelligence for Automated Driving


Uwe Friedrichsen

Watch your communication - How communication drives design

Nilan Peiris

Building a Mission Driven Startup (a talk about culture/mission/product and data in growing the product & company)


Cornelia Davis

DevOps: Who Does What?

Julien Pivotto

Do you know all of Puppet?

Docker Budapest

Kris Buytaert

Docker is killing your #devops Efforts

Magnus Bengtsson

Choosing your scheduler wisely


Nicolas Fränkel

Spring Boot loves DevOps

Marcus Bointon

What's new in TLS 1.3


Olivier Halligon

Code generation for Swift with Sourcery and SwiftGen

Felix Krause

Building your first fastlane plugin


Erika Carlson

self.improve(): Growing a Technical Career

Gábor Szabó

Fight or Flight? - dealing with real world applications in Python

Sylvain Corlay

xtensor: the lazy tensor algebra library

palinQA - Bp QA / Teszt&Tea

Dan North

Deliberate Testing in an Agile World

Emanuil Slavov

Need for speed: Accelerate automation tests from three hours to three minutes

UX Budapest

Emily Webber

Three ways to break down silos in your agile organisation

Jeff Gothelf

Building successful in-house innovation teams

Full Stack Budapest

Lorna Mitchell

Messaging Between Microservices

Daniel Bryant

The Seven (More) Deadly Sins of Microservices


Samuel Giddins

Making Bundler Faster

Android Budapest

Valera Zakharov

And the cold start performance goes to... 2.3 seconds

Adam Tornhill

Functional Programming in Production

palinQA - Bp QA

Maaret Pyhäjärvi

Five Controversial Ideas to Increase Your Impact as a Tester

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