Valera Zakharov

Android engineer at Slack at Slack


And the cold start performance goes to... 2.3 seconds
Thursday 15:00 - 15:45

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Performance is a fundamental aspect of product quality. While many teams have automated tests to catch regressions in functionality, we often take an adhoc approach to maintaining performance: user complains, we profile the app, notice and fix some issues and wait until the next round. How can we do better? In this talk, I will share my experience with building infrastructure that detects changes in performance of Slack's Android app, discuss similarities and differences with functional regression and offer some thoughts about future work. The talk will use examples from Android, but the techniques could be applicable to other native platforms, so everyone interested in performance is welcome to join!


Valera is an Android engineer at Slack, where he's done everything from front-end feature development to working on the app's persistence layer to setting up developer-driven UI testing. He is an alumni of Google's mobile ninjas team, where he led the development of Espresso Test Framework and the Android Testing Support Library. As a newly-minted Google Developer Expert, he looks forward to sharing his knowledge about automated testing and infrastructure.

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