Dr. Tim Wagner

General Manager, AWS Serverless Compute at AWS


Serverless Design Patterns with AWS Lambda: Big Data with Little Effort
Thursday 09:05 - 10:00
Big Data
Parallel Computing

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AWS Lambda introduced the serverless approach to computing in the cloud, and we’re on a mission to eliminate complexity and democratize access to parallel computing. In this presentation we’ll see how big data and other challenging enterprise architectures can be made dramatically simpler (and cheaper) by eliminating operational complexity. We present a set of serverless “recipes” that eliminate cold servers, scaling complexity, and the need to manage and deploy to fleets. We’ll construct several working examples and also demonstrate how to set up a CI/CD pipeline…all without using a single server. Along the way we’ll demonstrate AWS Lambda’s programming model, console and CLI, and show you how to easily define APIs and complete serverless apps using SAM, the Serverless Application Model. Come learn why so many are joining the Serverless revolution!


Dr. Wagner is the General Manager of Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda, which provide hosted APIs and fully serverless computing in the cloud. His interests include the architecture and operation of massively scaled systems, cloud programming models, and data integration. Prior to his role at AWS, Dr. Wagner led development of C# and VB at Microsoft, and he has also held a number of open source roles, including serving as a Board member for the Eclipse Foundation. His current research interests include serverless design patterns, performance optimization, and hybrid methodologies for operating serverless systems with legacy data tiers.