Steve Francia

Technical Program Manager on Go Language Team at Google


Building amazing cross-platform command-line apps in Go (hands-on session)
Thursday 14:05 - 15:40

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Prerequisite knowledge: attendees should have a basic understanding of programming (in any language).

Materials or downloads needed in advance: attendees need a laptop with Go 1.5 or greater and the text editor of your choice installed.

Once thought relics of a mouseless age, command-line interfaces (CLIs) are making a huge comeback in a new and evolved form. Go is a great platform for CLI development due to its raw power, easy syntax, and painless distribution. Steve Francia and Ashley McNamara teach the techniques, principles, and libraries you need to build great CLI apps, covering everything from designing commands to working with and parsing flags, config files, and remote config systems and working with environment variables and 12-factor apps.

You’ll learn how to create user-friendly command-line interfaces as well as command suites and will reinforce your knowledge by building your own app. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a working knowledge of Go and your very own functioning CLI app.

Hands-on session talk: 100 minutes long, code heavy, practical session


I’m a entrepreneurial product focused technology leader with strategic and operational experience in software development, product development, community building, and public relations. An engineer possessing rare technical depth and breadth driven by crafting refined user experiences. I have significant experience in systems, web, mobile, and commerce with the proven ability to build and lead large global heterogenous teams. Thought leader in many industries including cloud, big data, dev ops, NoSQL, open source, content management, evangelism and language design. Creator & active contributor to several open source projects.

I've been responsible for two of the largest and most successful commercial open source projects as the Chief Operator of the Docker project and the Chief Developer Advocate of MongoDB. In addition to these roles I've also been responsible for creating and running some of the top community-based open source projects: Hugo, spf13-vim, Cobra and Viper.

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