Samuel Giddins

Developer @ Bundler and CocoaPods at UChicago


Bridging the Language Gap
Thursday 17:00 - 17:45
Programming Languages

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Some of us write Swift. Some write Java, or Ruby, or JavaScript, or even assembly. But it's possible to write all of them, together, in the same application. From the compiler level on up, multiple programming languages can be made to work together. We’ll explore some of the ways we can accomplish this, some of the pitfalls of mixing languages, and maybe even some philosophy about how languages can be good bridging citizens.


Samuel is a developer well-versed in the rituals of writing developer tools that occasionally work. When he's not breaking Bundler and CocoaPods, you can find him in a library at UChicago, studying something highly impractical. In a former life, he has worked on everything from social networking apps to databases to constrained optimization algorithms. When not coding, Samuel is often banging his head against the wall in frustration, fighting against a problem set.

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