Michele Titolo

Lead Software Engineer at Capital One at Capital One


APIs For The Mobile World
Friday 10:40 - 11:25
API Design
Mobile APIs
Developer Experience
Backend for Frontend

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First came APIs, then came mobile. Many companies were excited to be able to re-use existing technology to build mobile applications. The quality bar for apps has risen dramatically, and those generic APIs only go so far. Since most apps depend on APIs for data, then shouldn’t those APIs be optimized for mobile experiences? Can a poorly designed API detract from user experience? The answer to both of those questions is yes. This talk will cover why mobile APIs matter, and how existing paradigms and practices can optimize APIs for great mobile experiences.


Michele Titolo has been shipping software professionally since 2010 and is currently a Lead Software Engineer at Capital One. She has worked on over a dozen apps in Apple’s AppStore, and designed and implemented APIs for a number of them. She enjoys debugging, refactoring, and finding elegant solutions to difficult problems. Outside of work, she is an advisor to Women Who Code, and avid Doctor Who fan.

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