Maciej Oczko

Head of Engineering at Polidea at Polidea


Swift Test Driven Development for iOS Apps
Tuesday 9:00 - 17:00
Test Driven Development
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Starting your adventure with testing is not an easy task. You know this if you ever started writing tests on your own - you wrote some, but they were more of a burden rather than salvation. Fragile to change, long and hard to understand.

Or perhaps you have written tests before, but you’re having problems with applying what you’ve learned so far to Swift.

Or maybe you’d just like to refresh your TDD skills.

If you thought ‘That’s me!’ for any one of these (or all of them!) then you’re a prefect match for our Swift TDD workshop!

During this workshop you’ll learn how you can write more testable code by incorporating Test Driven Development into your workflow. Moreover you’ll learn how to make existing code more testable and what are the best tools for TDD in Swift.

Prerequisites for attendance:

  • General Swift knowledge - you should be able to read and understand code in Swift
  • Latest Xcode installed
  • Although not required AppCode is recommended - we’ll be heavily relying on its refactoring capabilities
  • Humor and hunger for knowledge!


Mobile technology and clean code enthusiast. Cofounder at Mobile Academy. Organizer of MCE conference. Creator of Dropnote app. Coffee taster. Jazz guitar lover.

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