Felix Klock

Programming Language Implementor and Enthusiast at Mozilla


Rust: Systems Programming for Everyone
Thursday 12:00 - 12:45
Systems Integration

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Rust is a new programming language that provides memory safety and data-race freedom while offering efficiency and low-level control comparable to that of C and C++. Rust allows for safe systems programming, including concurrent threads with shared data.

I will describe the core concepts of the Rust language (ownership, borrowing, and lifetimes), as well as the tools beyond the compiler for open-source software component distribution (cargo, crates.io).

These pieces, along with the continued work of Rust's volunteer community, have led so-called "script programmers" to discover systems programming in a hands-on fashion, expanding both their own skill set, and also the Rust ecosystem as a whole.


Felix Klock is a research engineer at Mozilla, where he works on the Rust compiler, runtime libraries, and language design. He previously worked on the ActionScript Virtual Machine for the Adobe Flash runtime. Felix obtained his PhD in Computer Science from Northeastern University, and is also one of the developers of the Larceny Scheme language runtime.

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