Danielle Tomlinson

Software Engineer at CircleCI at CircleCI


The Evolution of Mobile Development Tools
Friday 14:35 - 15:20
development tools

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As software developers we use a lot of tools every day, from our text editors, debuggers, and compilers to our source control, our workflow changes dramatically based on the tools we have available to us, and with our understanding of them. In this talk I will explore how these have developed for mobile developers, their influences, and talk about some current problems that we still face.


Danielle has been shipping bugs for over a decade. She has worked with a variety of technologies and spent 8 years as an iOS engineer. As a member of the CocoaPods Core Team, and as a Software Engineer at CircleCI she can mostly be found building and breaking developer tools. She is also an avid traveller and nomad who despite falling in love with Berlin is usually on a aeroplane.

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