Benjamin Encz

iOS Lead Developer at PlanGrid at PlanGrid


Flux & Redux on Mobile
Friday 15:40 - 16:25
Design Patterns

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Flux is a pattern that was originally developed for web applications at Facebook. When I learned about the ideas behind Flux I quickly found that it should also be applicable to mobile applications as well. With ReSwift I've helped create an open source Redux-like implementation in Swift. At PlanGrid we have been implementing all new UI features in the last 1.5 years using the Flux pattern.

This talk will explore the basic ideas behind Flux and Redux and show how the two approaches solve some of the core problems of UI heavy applications. It will also dive deep into how Flux is used in production code at PlanGrid and which lessons we have learned so far.


Benjamin Encz is the iOS Lead Developer at PlanGrid in San Francisco. He has worked in the Apple ecosystem since 2011 on a variety of projects, from enterprise software to mobile games. He is the creator of multiple Swift open source libraries such as ReSwift and Validated. You can find him on twitter as @benjaminencz.

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