Anastasiia Voitova

Software engineer, iOS developer at Stanfy at Stanfy


Keys from the castle: ancient art of managing keys and trust
Friday 13:40 - 14:25
App Security
User Trust
Key Management

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We will talk about building trust. Trust is built around various trust tokens: keys, passwords, secrets, biometric properties, things you have and things you know. We will talk about what should you trust, how to establish and verify trust, how to share trustedly among different users. We will discuss technical aspects: key exchange, key trust, key derivation, channel trust, multi-factor authentications. I will try to make the audience understand how this huge universe of tools and algorithms serves just one purpose: letting the right guys in, keeping the wrong guys outside our magical castle. And fairies there should be!


Anastasiia is a software engineer working at Stanfy. She's been building mobile apps for years, stepping a bit into every phase of app development lifecycle: from gathering business demands and cost estimation, through ux prototyping to developing and long-term supporting. Frequently built both client and server, shared her knowledge with the community from both sides of barricades. She got into computer security and cryptography when she was invited to fix a few lines of code in an iOS port of a cryptographic library, and ended up taking over all of iOS development and some general mobile ideology part of the project. She physically lives in Kyiv, Ukraine, spends her time online twiting as @vixentael.

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