P├ęter Turi

Staff Software Engineer at Prezi


Working development environment in 15 minutes: Developer Experience in Prezi
Thursday 15:25 - 16:10
developer efficiency

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Since the foundation of the Development Experience team last year we had been working on improving microservice development practices in Prezi. The challenge is that some code, we are using in Prezi, is around 10 years old: we cannot expect all of it to work out of the box in a Kubernetes environment.

In this presentation, we will not only be showing how a Prezilian makes their first change to a service in 15 minutes, but we will also cover what iterative approach we took on modernizing those "old" services thus reaching a uniform state. This uniformity of services, however, does not only mean that the setup of the development environment is fast. It improves developer efficiency by not having to deal with the different behavior of each service individually and also gives the platform teams the power to mass roll-out changes to all of our services.

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Peter is a member of Prezi's Developer Experience Team, in which he focuses on addressing the inefficiencies developers need deal with on a daily basis: be it build flow speed-up, provisioning a Kubernetes cluster, tweaking VPN bandwidth or creating some libraries. In the DX Team he is leading the efforts around the Prezi Development Environment and the CI/CD practices to provide the best possible tools to our developers.