Máté Nádasdi

Frontend Tech Lead Engineer at IBM Watson Media


“The Upside Down” Of The Web - Video technologies
Friday 16:40 - 17:25
user experience

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Video technologies are "The Upside Down” of the web for sure. Being a frontend engineer writing HTML5 video players, WebRTC broadcast clients, supporting 360/VR videos or maybe writing interactive movies like Bandersnatch is just like to live in a parallel universe where everything and nothing is the same. Working with video is an exciting combination of all the trendy stuff out there like new Web APIs, ByteArrays, Workers, WebRTC, WebGL, etc.

In this talk, Mate would like to share important insights of video specific frontend engineering nowadays. The purpose of sharing this adventure is to give you some sense of this universe, to explain how a web video player works, to talk about the key layers and challenges and to point out that every frontend engineer has the power in their hands to utilize this knowledge to boost the user experience in any kind of product.


Mate is the Frontend Tech Lead Engineer at IBM Watson Media working in the IBM Budapest Lab and also a curator of JSConf Budapest. He strongly believes that everyone should think about the end user experience in any kind of aspect and phase of engineering. He has joined the fight of the web as a frontendeer ten years ago during his uni studies and he is a real a workaholic loving to advocate on real user experience and performance. As he works on a streaming related product portfolio thanks to the characteristics of his daily job he loves to experiment and tackle with video streaming related technologies. In his free time, he is a passionate amateur road cyclist and series junkie.