Justin Schneck

Co-Author of Nerves Project at Le Tote


Functional Internet of Things with Elixir and Nerves
Friday 13:40 - 14:25
Functional Programming
Embedded Systems

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Nerves defines an entirely new way to build embedded systems using Elixir. Rather than depending on the traditional plethora of Linux init scripts or systemd configuration files, the Nerves philosophy is that you already have a powerful, concurrent language to define what the system should do at startup time: Elixir. Nerves boots directly to the BEAM VM, giving your Elixir app control of the entire system, just a few seconds after boot. This talk demonstrates several principals of programming embedded devices like Raspberry Pi using Elixir and how Nerves can revolutionize the industry by leveraging the battle tested Erlang VM. Hardware is a physical extension of our software and our senses. Creating devices and systems which enhance our environment is fundamental to our nature. Join us for an exciting demonstration into the creation of enhanced embedded systems using Elixir and Nerves.


I’m in a constant state of wanting to make the world around me bend to my imagination. At one time I wondered how hard it would be to start my motorcycle from my phone. Rewiring the motorcycle and writing an interface was easy, but connecting it all together proved to be a challenge. A challenge that would define my career. That invisible, often impenetrable layer in the air between all the hardware in the world has become my stomping ground. Hardware is hard, so I’ve been working on Nerves to make it easy.