Zsolt Hódosi

Trainer at Invention Factory Development


Tuesday 9:00 - 17:00
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Leadership behaviour influences more than visible, measureable results. In our rapidly changing environment, the leaders attitude toward cooperation, creativity and change, is the new key for any team to succeed.

How can a leader turn a challenging development process into a creative flow for the team? 

How can a leader support easy-to-realize, market-relevant, successful results and long-lasting team inspiration at the same time?

These are the focus questions of the 1-day workshop organized by Invention Factory (www.inventionfact.com), the exclusive user of ORGANOCO method in organizational development. The method works with the deepest layers of personal and team-psychology, and opens brand-new doors to creative thinking and success. Surprising ORGANOCO viewpoints, combined with unusual team exercises and interesting self-reflections guarantee more than a memorable experience. The workshop offers efficient practical tools, that can be applied in everyday work easily.

 Leadership topics covered

  •  How to trigger team-level creativity by overcoming hidden limitations of subconscious barriers?
  •  How to move out from the mesmerizing dominance of past experiences and usual solutions?
  •  How to find and empower the approach that supports developer teams to experience work as a joyful creation?
  •  What to know about team-roles, and the subconscious, limiting mechanisms in teams?
  •  How to utilize the skills of team members for the organization the best?


The workshop is intended for

  • top level leaders and
  • team leaders.


2016-Present Invention Factory Development
Development Lead, trainer, coach
Support the effective change of organizations by using unique methodology, tools and intervention points.
Our organizational development and coaching methodology has been created based on the results of the modern psychology and brain research along the Gestalt and existentialist psychology and psychiatry tendencies. 
Now, it is a totally unique method, which is continuously developing using the researches of economic and group psychology.
Our goal is to make the decision makers of the organizations capable in every business situation to see as many options as possible and to feel the biggest freedom of choice using the provided tools and techniques in practice.
In a very fast changing environment, our method helps to minimize the cultural and generational differences. It supports the diversity and the coherence in the same time.
Our basic thought is that the person and the organization has much bigger impact on environment than we expected it in the past. We think about talent and qualities the way that they are existing in everybody but they are hidden by different internal mechanism on different levels and they are not randomly given characteristics of some chosen people.
We believe that our innovative thinking, new viewpoints and our research activities will influence the whole organizational development market.

2014-2016 Computacenter

Business Support manager
Manage support functions in the GSD organization
Resposibilities: Training management, Knowledge management, Quality management, Reporting
Drive initiatives for continuous improvement across the GSD organization
Provide strategic direction & functional expertise on support processes
Develop and implement procedures associated with support functions
Ensure that the Business Support department upholds a high standard of service delivery to
stakeholders. Assist staff in their personal development and ensure that thorough training and coaching is provided on an ongoing basis.

2013-2014 Unisys
Learning and development specialist

2010-2014 HP
Learning and development specialist

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