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Vlad Mihalcea

Java Champion and Hibernate Developer at Red Hat


High-Performance Java Persistence
Wednesday 9:00 - 17:00
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Based on my book, High-Performance Java Persistence, this workshop is meant to mind the gap between Java developers and Database programming. 

Most often, Java developers are very skilled when it comes to programming languages, design patterns, frameworks and everything that's related to their programming language of choice. However, the database is still uncharted territory, usually treated as a black box that we throw queries at and expect it to respond in no time. With this training, I want to get Java developers get to know more about RDBMS so that they can design their application data access layer accordingly.

In this workshop, we are going through various data access performance optimizations that are relevant for a great variety of Java Persistence frameworks.

Therefore, we are going to discuss:
  1. The best way to do database schema migrations. 
  2. Effective JDBC logging.
  3. How to assert the automatically generated SQL statements during testing.
  4. How to monitor database connection usage and provision connection pools.
  5. How to use JDBC batching and speed up write operations.
  6. How to use Statement caching efficiently to speed up read operations.
  7. Fetching best practices.
All in all, after attending this workshop, you'll know all sorts of tips that you can readily apply to your current enterprise project.

As prerequisites, you need a laptop, Java 1.8, Maven, PostgreSQL, and an Internet connection.

I've done this workshop both on-site and as a conference workshop (e.g. Voxxed Days Zurich), and I got very good feedback in return.


I am a Java Champion, working as a Hibernate Developer Advocate for Red Hat. I also run my own company, Hypersistence with the goal of helping you get the most out of your data access layer.

I wrote over 150 articles about Hibernate on my blog and I'm the author of FlexyPool, the ultimate database connection pool sizing and monitoring utility.

I'm the author of High-Performance Java Persistence, and I enjoy going to conferences and talking about topics that I'm passionate about, like high-performance database systems, transactions, concurrency control or distributed systems.