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Tim Ottinger

Anzeneer & Senior Consultant at Industrial Logic


Test-Driven: The Four-Step Dance
Friday 16:35 - 17:20
knowledge management

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Test-driven development and its cousins (Acceptance-Test-Driven Development, Behavior Driven Development, and Outcomes-Based Management) tend to be described as a three-step dance:

  • Red (beginning with a failing test, or unimplemented specification)
  • Green (a passing test, a naive first-blush implementation)
  • Refactor (incorporate information learned cleanly into the existing "as-written" design) 
This process is workable, provided there are few developers -- or only one. When operated at scale by isolated groups or isolated individuals, it breaks down. Huge debts accumulate. 

Let's talk about the fourth step, integration, and how it unites and protects teams.

Along the way, you might just deepen your knowledge of the practicality and operation of the whole TDD cycle, and how to apply it to tasks other than programming.

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Tim has over 37 years in the software business where he has been an employee, a manager, a consultant, and a mentor to many people in several dozen large and small organizations.

He is a frequent speaker, sometimes keynote speaker, at various international software conferences. 

Tim has writing credits in Clean Code and is the creator and co-author of Agile In A Flash. He wrote a book on Vim once, too.

He works with Industrial Logic, the original Modern Agile consultancy, where he helps people deliver working code early and often.

He loves his work.