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Gergely Orosz

Engineering Manager at Uber


Continuous Testing at Scale
Thursday 15:00 - 15:50

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You’ve built a new feature in your app that is ready ship. Or is it? How can you be sure you’ve not introduced regressions in cases you forgot to test? What if your code crashes only on certain devices? Could the feature freeze up for a few users?

Shipping frequently with little to no functional, UX or performance issues or regressions is not easy - but it’s also a problem that has been solved before. Where things get a lot more interesting is how to keep the same quality bar when you have hundreds of pull requests going in every day, with tens or hundreds of developers working on the same project? How do you test that your app still works - with this kind of scale?

In this talk, you’ll learn about the different approaches we combined into a system used by hundreds of mobile engineers at Uber to test our native iOS and Android apps during development, at release as well as when in production. We’ll talk about what did and what did not work for us on our journey of iterating frequently and continuously improving the quality bar.

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Gergely is building the next generation payments experience at Uber. While working here, he's helped rebuild the Uber app from scratch and with open sourcing RIBs, the native, cross-platform mobile architecture behind it. 

Gergely has a passion for building products that people love and use every day. Prior to Uber he built a B2B booking tool at Skyscanner, Skype for XBox One and the web at Microsoft, and exotic trading tools at JP Morgan. He previously built a few mobile apps like Cocktail flow and blogs on The Pragmatic Engineer.